Workshops and General Sloth

I’m flagging!

Heeuggghhhheearggh!A long day. Today I introduced Van Rezner to the Captain. Not a euphemism…This really happened. There wasn’t a lot of time, but the connection is made.

The Stonehills came in for a workshop. Everyone was tired at first I reckon but once Alex got all open handed on the hats and ride bell it was alright. I can’t always remember how I learned stuff, and when I get tired my empathy tends to get a bit dessicated like.

I have to get some sleep soon or my brain mush will corrode.

Worn but well watered

Worn but well watered

I got a great mail from the Lefsetz Letter the other day. If you’re interested in the music industry generally, it might be a good plan to subscribe to Bob Lefsetz’ emails and also the Digital Music News mailout , edited by Paul Resnikoff (I think that’s the speeeellling).

Trebly fuzz peas.



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