Poems from Wales period? Uh, OK.

I was circumnavigating Wales in a Mercedes Sprinter this weekend. Proper round trip it was. I went past a sign for Maenclochogh and it reminded me of last year, the fateful and much discussed Sixela Recording Mission of 2008. Me and Van Rezner got the train all the way from Newcastle carrying a mandolin, uke, three guitars, a bag of wires, laptop, mics, towel, books and a couple of sandwiches. And probably cider.
Ben took his bike and rode all around the place talking to cows.

Here are a couple of poems from that period, poem fans.

Town Jog

Hay piles high
Two car garage
One horse town
It went slow.
Fatter now,
Solid setting out of stall
Pinched penny
Wicked pellet dance.
Extra files tucked up fast
Two car garage,
One horse town.
Why when went slow?
Off you go.
Jog on.


Home the morrow,
Not waving
Not drowning.

Cracked in step for futuristic best fit.
Carbon heap
Just carbon heap in seam.
Yet, annexed by clever men
With clever hands.
Nitric cycle clampdown, Sediment.

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