In the wee hours of Sunday we were driving back from Great Yarmouth. Back nearside tyre goes BLAAANNGG and Bob’s in the driving seat looking like T 1000 in the cab of the big truck coming over the flash drain top in T2, doing fine, everything’s cool, we just have to stop. Cue a 1 mile limp, a lucky bus stop, doing the 4am mooch in a lay by 8 miles out of Rotherham. Classy. Got back late, had a sleep, up at 1.30 and Katherine and my Ma had famously papered the alcoves with rocking gold birdy paper. Lots of painting follows, currently glossy and smelling faintly of radiators, but everything going swell. Hopefully turn it out at the End tonight if the mic is open. Else it’ll Riley Morton o’clock, as I continue to work on UOJ pt 3. Al was over yesterday and we’ve broken the back of it. It twists. It’s a mammoth. and we have to learn to play it yet. But it’s the greatest Zadok song to date, and features a classic 10 second guitar solo, as usual. CM

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