Cuts and grazes. And a new cartoon looking scratchplate for the Jag.

Yes, It looks like a cartoon. My cartoon!

Well, I spent a couple of mornings making a scratchplate to fit the Jag. Two humbuckers means you can’t buy one off the peg, at least I couldn’t find one, for less than £25. So, what a joke! It was a no brainer. I ordered a sheet of 3 ply 5mm from AxesRus, got the coping saw out and borrowed a countersinking bit from my Dad. I measured it and pencilled the basic shape onto the sheet, knowing full well I was in the hands of destiny and should just believe in my intuitive sense of sawtooth control. If I was lucky, I’d get through with all my digits.

In the end it works well – looks like a cartoon because it was the first time I ever made one (and it’s hard to get the edges with the old stanley knife!). But the next one I make will be better. Anyway it’s totally rocking with no sharp edges. And I trashed the whole house somehow, when I was making it, and only cut myself once! The rainbow mirrored in the picture is a fortuitous t shirt reflection.

Now the pickups won’t fall out at Zadok gigs.


One thought on “Cuts and grazes. And a new cartoon looking scratchplate for the Jag.

  1. […] hand made things associated with Zadok: Minnis’ Scratchplate. All the tunes are also handmade, first in the mind, then on the instruments, then on the 4trk tape […]

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