Stash of Bison Tapes found!

30+ Bison tapes found in Attic Search!

By Gum. I discovered over 30 Bison tapes in a shoe box in the elders’ attic whilst searching for a VHS of Split Second featuring Rutger Hauer.  Bison are a band who effectively were the genesis of the third wave of Sixela sixela(ie the 2 guitar four piece period – previous incarnations had featured Dan Colman on keys. Good man).  However they were also a massive jam powerhouse in their own right, producing hours of recorded evidence thanks to a number of tape recorders. We blew out a lot of bass speakers, and when we moved out of the house (formerly occupied by Seb, TJ, Stu, and the long fingered wizard Peter Wright), we nearly got busted for not disposing of the Heath Robinson Drum Riser properly. Bison Rocked the house.

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