We have yellow Chillies. They are brutal. Especially the smallest ones!

This is Heatwave. The maintenance lads from the hotel gave him to me a couple of years ago when I was still working there. He made one flower last year… Then this year he made many flowers. So I forced him to self procreate by rubbing the flowers together. It wasn’t my finest hour…and I suppose I should have introduced Heatwave to my parents first. But it worked! Heatwave got going, and started caning out all these proper big lads.

The angle is all wrong, but in the middle of the picture is “BIG LAD”. He’s a cracking fat chilli who presumably got a bit confused in the early stages of development, growing outward rather than down. Then he just kept on going with the fat cross section and became “BIG LAD”. When he goes yellow I’m going to eat him, unless the others start to go red, in which case I’ll wait –  all depends if the sun shines in y’hear?

Unit of Judo pt 1 will be up soon. I just haven’t had time to cobble a video together for it yet….. Also a little concerned about the second chorus, where it sounds like ‘erections and their consequences’, not ‘your actions and their consequences’.

However Zadok have for some reason been featured in a very minor fashion as part of the NME shockwaves awards. Weird because they’ve already been around this year. Thanks to Pedro for the heads up.

Next Zadok show – The Venue, Newcastle, Nov 12 – as part of the Made in Poland thing. With Kyst and Face Less Ness of Van Rezner



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