Zadok videos now doing the rounds on Youtube….

Morning all! Zadok videos are now up and at ’em. Live footage to follow once I can extract them from the FCP labyrinth!

Pining for a Martial Arts based redemption story? CLICK HERE FOR “UNIT OF JUDO” part one.

Ancient Battle Weapon meets tenancy debt enquiry? here’s CALTROPS.

Country space hoe-down meets Fuzzed out Doom cloud? Dirty Rollmop geishas writhing on a tiny stage(not actually in the video)? VHS and super 8 meets laser powered space craft fantasy riff? ANALOGUE SPACE BATTLE.

In other news, heatwave is getting riper. Two more yellow lads and we’re waiting on BIG LAD to turn yellow, if he ever will. He’ll be an absolute bruiser.

Also Look Out! For new music videos I’ve been making for Pattern, AKA Jon P Mitchell, the famous guitarist and music writer from Surrey. Also one of the nicest and most kind and caring people in Britain. Good tone too. Founder member of Sixela AND Bison. So we can relate. He taught me to play gently. He called me King of Splang. Everything is cool.

Jon Mitchell Patterns Aloud


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