If you don’t unhook it, it’s going to snap off.

Do you play the internet? It doesn’t have to be a cunning connivance. The line between creation and consumption is getting wider and fainter and we’re sitting on it now, fans and bands alike….not some Machiavellian creepy thing to exercise some control over the human aspect of your environment. Just an essential thing to come to terms with and learn about in a practical fashion. A source of entertainment, a seat of cunning, or just basic problems to be overcome.

A rethinking of possible uses of current items as they go off the edge
of usefulness. And half the earth begins to hum. Roland Jazz Chorus
demand on the dry side. Toward realised sci fi Intergalactic Rail

Recombinations of obsolete units –
usefulness beyond nostalgia (which may be a curious blip in itself re:
fast vanishing circuit bent ‘classics’).

Must work together to bypass existing relationship with suppliers and
experts. Reassessment of the organic. What huge leap now? All
the instruments are made. Now leaps come from the brokering of
inter-discipline deals and alliances.

Sublimate tensions toward an authentic approach to consuming
technologies. Change paradigm before obsolescence mire and energy
paranoia sets in completely. instead, toward a modular logic of

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