The singing mountain

(entry from abortive Wales recording mission with Sixela and Van Rezner)

Not a jazz man, not only because not so capable. Found out there’s nothing natural about taping rock and roll…Just the naturalised relandscaping of ‘Authenticity’ (with a small ‘p’). Remap values against contrived setup, far from the sign, the singing mountain.

singing mountain

More like a hill of straining diodes, fighting the latency. Every technological artifact remappable onto relandscaped form eventually…Aliasing, Latency, Over-compression in earnest.

No paths or pathos, even in the really well-made. Just remapped versions of those things, monitoring. Mics and speakers the same…Puny when set against singing mountain.

blown speaker

I keep thinking it’s ten years ago…there’s no cartography detailed enough to really construct a valid representation of these moments. Just need the drum track down is all! Others can come later. Peace in the line, in the interface, if accept Simulacrum, Naturalise Programme. Puny set, singing mountain.

And off we go, home again, one more night and hopefully another fire to set. CM0

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