Ben takes on a ‘train beat’. And, the outdoors.

Merry Christmas Folks. Here’s a hardworking train beat shot.

Ben and Jon came and visited a couple of days and we hung out with Al, drank some ginger wine, recorded a festive theme with massive guitar solos which were edited out after advice from a concerned friend….

Jon brought the old black Jippson with skin tattered gold plated strings. Ben had a hat which really gripped the head. A good swede squeezer.

Ben Handysides

It has been a rockin’ Christmas time. I wish I’d caught up with THE MIGHTY AVE, but it wasn’t to be, as I got engrossed in the pub and didn’t make it across the street…. Sorry Ave- san. Also, Merry Christmas Seiji-san!

Well, back to ground now. A good year for Zadok I reckon. Inch by inch retaking the prog folk. New songs, new strings, power drills, and other things.


ben handysides and Jon Mitchell from Sixela


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