Happy new year folks.

New year's eve big hail gatesheadLast night was big hail/snow pods. And a good party down. I was standing on my doorstep at 5 am watching the snow gently drift down. Not too cold, just nice and peaceful for a second. Then cold! Look at the size of these whacking great hail pods eh? They were pinging off all the cars at a good pace as we were making ready to hit the road.

John Mayer Joe Harriot Double Quintet

This afternoon is a slow one. Just playing an old John Mayer record out of D’s archives and keeping still.

I hope you had a good night wherever you are. Lots of people are visiting the Alesis post I put up a few months ago. Hopefully soon I will revisit the Alesis SR 16, borrow it off Dee again, and this time learn how to go across the beat a bit better! It was CALTROPS that caused trouble as I remember. Changing between meters. However I also reckon I wasn’t reading it right.

Time to make ready for the new year. Letters I reckon!

Remember: Zadok Live! In Newcastle Oxfam Bookstore. 5.30 Jan 30th! CM


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