Old Sixela Pics unearthed. Admittedly from not far away.

Since the unearthing of thirty odd Bison tapes, interest in Sixela times has resurged. Here are a couple of snaps. One from Merton Abbey Mills Bandstand, and one from a gig out at The Space, which was somewhere in London I can’t remember. Will inform. However it was canny good and we wore funny stuff, and Jon played the cream epi and Hats had the Warwick wood. All was good. I was in a Kimono with pink trim playing a red epi SG tuned CGDAEG or maybe AEBF#C#E , depending on the period. It never stayed in tune anyway.

Sixela Bandstand Merton Abbey MillsSixela at the Space

Drum Kit. Ben Handysides

Bass. Ian Hatton

Guitar. Jon Mitchell

Guitar2. Minnis.

This is Sixela, who grew from Bison, And also from very olden days Wimbledon prog-funk. Sixela went in different directions but still hook up and record stuff in different combinations now and then.  Ben Handysides on drum kit for the Zadok recordings at the Sage Gateshead. Videos: Caltrops , Analogue space battle (previously played in Wimbledon, in different arrangement, by Sixela!) , Unit of Judo. video of The Sage Gateshead show to come!CM

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