thoughts for nought: Toward the ‘Broadcast Musician’?

Online man, truly..Idea of “Broadcast musician”. Imagine if the point of creation was also the point of broadcast. That’s where you find ‘Broadcast musicians’. Sitting connected. Multicore audio interface from the equivalent of a million phone patches, bleeping sympathetic with the on air light.  Live interaction through a multitude of MODULAR APPS that are the texting in, the phoning in of past ages. Like Plasticman’s SYNK app, writ much much larger, the traditional boundaries between musician and crowd are played with, before that discourse becomes the form itself…The lines on the playing field become a cultural/technological tesseract, with the self on one axis and perceived value on the other. The third axis is good old time, because something has to exist within or with reference to time for it to seem like good value! The fourth axis relates to the relationship between creator and listener, and it is an ebb and flow analogue-looking equivalency like the pressure gauge on an old vacuum cleaner. Crowd sourced text content, imagery, and sounds are raw materials poured into the game and re arranged. Music is not playlisted, it is made and mixed together in 3 Dimensions, then  – the world of electronic access is summed to mono and has its phase flipped in four dimensions – the musician is assembling a musical stave out of the virtual access routes and turnpikes (in a violently expanding i-world, self-definition through cultural/technological practice meets an infinite playing field vista and collides into creative practice!)….CM
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