A busy kind of a month! Plenty to tell but no time. Franko and Pete joined the band. That was a while ago. We played with Carpus Trio at The Bridge, which was ace. Jan taped it so maybe some tapes coming soon. Zadok wordpress is just fine. Because Al has to go home for a bit and get his bike fixed, and so does Franko, it’s going to be a dots and notepaper kind of creation summer. So far I have turned “Town” into “Wall!”, written half of “Sowarth’s Song” and me and Al have worked out the EWOD theme. Also Al has been turning out astonishing basslines for the “Compere’s Trailer”. Other EWOD tunes include “Ivory Rib Upgrade” which we’ve now played out, “Victory at Super Polluted Colobnogast” which is a fast moving stuck pig, and “The Riders, The Runners” which is done, and just needs baking in the room. More soon on the Equestrian Wall Of Death blog, where I’ll add extras as they come up. Next possible show: 4 July at the Cumberland. You heard it here first. Cm

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