Card swallows machine.

get carter car park gateshead demolition
Cashpoint machine makes a good sound when tapped. Card goes in. Please wait. Photek drum and bass 2 step: tapped right handed on the surface and underneath, with one finger, absently; The left hand makes a weak fist, palm down. Index finger and thumb come out first. A wireframe microphone appears faintly but distinct against the grey of the cashpoint panel and remains in place pointing toward the right hand as the rest of the hand opens, turns palm up, reclenches gently, incompletely. The four fingers come out one at a time, index first, marking out a four bar loop of the 2 step. As this happens the card is returned and sticks out of the machine bleeping. It’s almost in time with the sound. Left hand index and thumb again create a wireframe microphone which records the sound. It is slightly disjointed as regards the loop. The microphone stays out but the bleeping stops short as the card starts retreating back into the machine, so the right hand twangs the card as it goes back into the machine, quickly, creating three sounds of progressively rising pitch. The card is swallowed by the machine. CM
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