Producing the Zadok tapes

Hey there. I was trying to learn about re-amping using the Yamaha AW16G, because I’m doing some work on the last Zadok Recordings and wanted the fuzz bass to sound massive. So I’ll be updating the old Minnis blog as it comes along – better to do it here than at the Zadok Blog I think… I was stumped because I had decent but fizzy DI bass tone from Al and the tobacco Jazz bass, but the fuzz bass lacked a bit of bottom (despite sounding like a brutal buzzsaw from Boss bass OD pedal).

Last night I figured out how to run an aux out of the 16G and into the Brit Valvestate guitar combo… In the effects loop was a EH P.O.G. with a little sub octave in there. Clean channel, mid gain, quite loud, lots of bottom end. I also cranked up the 16G’s distortion effect to the maximum and re-recorded it with Rode M3 stuck right in the cone. It sounds really big now! More tomfoolery incoming


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