Fairly nominal post about reamping keyboards

Duncan Grigg's Fender Blues Junior, My valvestate and M3 - reamping keyboards with EH P.O.G.Nothing going on here folks. This is how I made Analogue Space Battle keyboards more like an Organ. I’m done trying to mix on the AW16G. Exported all tracks and will drop into Logic. Sorry.CM

zadok tapes aw16G

kd emerald snare, zadok tapes and the M3In other news, I also ran the snare track out of an aux, into the bass cube, then put the Emerald snare on top upside down. I gated the original signal until it was just the proper hits coming through, then recorded the snare wires really close up. Easy way to beef up a snare track. Ghost notes are a funny one though – it’s a pretty binary process. CM

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