Zadok are, as you know, fully reformed and back in the saddle: Plus, more Derrick Bostrom cat.

Here is a picture from Saturday night that Rav took. Thank you, Rav! We played out with Knuckle Dragger, In Casino Out, and Dragnet, down at Hyem in Heaton. It was a cracking night in fact. Big old blurty bass drum and, later, Pete Currie’s bass was really GENKin’. Scooped kind of a GENKK pick style. Everybody used the Dalek bass rig with the Haartke on top. It was loud. There was also fuzz keyboard from Pete Devlin sama earlier on, plus all the classic togs,  and kryptonite wanglings you might expect at a Z concert. Al and Franko held the fort supreme. Me and Pete either side wriggling around the changes.  The best thing was when I found a tap that gave me free Pepsi. I drank .8 litres, or approximately 1 and a half pints. Franko had some too. I had no floor tuner so I taped the little boss tuner to the lead, and everytime my guitar went sharp because of the cold I looked like I was setting an alarm clock on my phone and that. Come on, Have you seen my phone! It’s a 3310 with no power adaptor – apologies if I haven’t gotten back to you in a couple of weeks.  Thanks for coming out – Zadok Blog is here. We’ll be making new tapes in the warmer months coming. In the meantime here’s an almost impossible-to-play game involving morse code – taken from the Equestrian Wall of Death blog (central repository for the making of the Zadok EP of that name – coming this summer!!! At least in live form, if I can just get the dots out of the noggin). BH kindly transcribed the morse for me but haven’t uploaded yet.

zadok live. pic by Rav Moussavi

In other news, Kwarme was asking me for some more shots of Dozza Bozza (as Al has taken to calling him sometimes). Well, I can report that he’s doing well. Although I don’t think cats are that specific when it comes to tapes, he responds well to Swati Natekar, who sometimes is just like Gong. Doesn’t seem to like Tad. Mainly, he’s enjoying the great outdoors and hassling next door’s rabbits in the back yard. Can climb well and is a good jumper. Very talkative like; I’ve been working from home and hear him crawkling away quite a lot. Franko is allergic to him ! Poor soul!

derrick bostrom the cat

One more thing: Thanks to the miracle of fuzz bass, Al has been safely returned to the fold (hence the return of the Zadok). The story of his flight and return will be told in the forthcoming hit song Agitated Molecule; I swear we really are working on it’s the scoop, dots fans. All the hard bits are for Pete to play. I just work here.

agitated molecule progressive grunge-folk

That’s your whack. More on this soon.  CM

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3 thoughts on “Zadok are, as you know, fully reformed and back in the saddle: Plus, more Derrick Bostrom cat.

  1. […] al Saturday night – good stuff! More of this kind of thing coming soon. Partial Match report here on Minnis blog. […]

  2. Ben says:

    Wow, I wish I could have attended – GENK GENK GENK!…Genk–K Ge NK and by the way, I just found one of the two pages of morse code/trainbeat/ride bell. Perhaps you have the other? It’ll take ’em years to discover the full message haha…suckers!

  3. Minnis says:

    YEE HA! Yes I think I have the other somewhere. Nice to hear from you old soap.

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