Oxford Mission: Down By the Riverside

Alright! This weekend just gone me and m’lady haired down the M1 (and other roads) to Oxford, so I could play at Ben Mowat‘s famous night “Down By the Riverside”. It was canny good! With Sleeping Passengers, a great trad band called Green Children of Wolfpit, The Ben Mowat String Quintet and a lady named Susie B who sang very well. I found that doing sound for a mostly DIed string Quintet is no piece of cake! But with the trusty old M3 on the cello, I loaded the bass down and we were alright.

I played a typically freewheeling set, and gave away some action figures so they would like me. Tegin Cartwright got a good picture (thanks!):Live and savoury at the Down By the Riverside gig, the ISIS, iffley lock, oxford.

We also hung out with the fantastic Mowats of course, and took in the Ashmolean, where I saw a 600 year old Katana and some skulls. And a real Stradavari ! Class. I couldn’t figure out where it plugged in like.

Things are rocking on the Zadok front, with three gigs lined up in the next month or so, plus recording the Unit of Judo songs and Caltrops with Sam at Blank in a week or so. Class. We’re revisiting the Hyem bar next week as headliners, which should be a ‘booner’… Stick around to the end people! We’re also playing at the opening party of a Durham recording studio on Saturday night: more on this here.

Al started a rave jazz band with Pete Currie called Cowie Rat Bag. More on this later! CM

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One thought on “Oxford Mission: Down By the Riverside

  1. Tim Graham says:

    Good times were had by all dude, hopefully we’ll meet again soon!

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