Derrick Bostrom Continued

Alright? this is Derrick Bostrom. He’s class. Recently another cat adopted us. His name was Alan. He and Dezza Bozza didn’t get on so Alan had to kip out in the back yard. But he was alright, even though there was some local mog patrols marvelling at Bozza being away awhile (locked him out of the back just to save the battles). No one came for the Alan cat but we found a safe place for him over on the other side of town.

Derrick Bostrom, Cat, Fuzz box, box foxHere’s Bostrom hanging out in some working gloves. He’s doing alright like.
Derrick Bostrom making on like he's in human form
That’s all for now folks. All is well in the camp. The mighty Bostro, AKA Fuzz box, Box Fox, Two Step, Chip face, etc, has reclaimed his land and will beat down trespassing cats with gentle but fair and NON REFUNDABLE intensity. So don’t be sending over your cats unless they have the will to power and that. New tapes soon! Here’s Bill Gluon.

Bill Gluon, and irrepressible way to eat sild


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