Glastonbury Digesting

Chris Minnis's view of the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury 2011

My camera is fantastic. Check out this view of the Pyramid stage. Here’s Jon boy:
Jon Mitchell, the famous guitarist from Surrey. Glastonbury 2011 was another intense year with the Replay Crew. A lot to say and no time because I have to go and watch Transformers in 3D. The Mowat contingent was bolstered by the arrival of Miriam and her shampoo of destiny. There was mud, there were warm-bitter-fuelled frolics through the tented city. My good lady cooked for 20 and all was well. Upon getting home we had lots of Mange Toutes left with miraculously had not turned to the dark side, so I have set about inventing new fusion forms of potato-based cookery. Heavy. In other news, the USB record player is now pumpin’ at the studio. So shout if you want some digitised prog going on. Zadok EP is nearly ready and sounds great. We played Rock the Barn last weekend which was mint – check out the pictures on the Zadok blog if you’d care to. Next gig is next weekend at Rockin’ Horse to mark the new studio opening there! 16 July, Progressive Grunge-folk fans. Bye! CM

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