Boiling Bass Strings.

I boiled Al's bass strings in vinegar to get a little extra life out of them.Today reminded me of being about 17 and boiling my strings with vinegar to get a few days of bonus zing out of them. Al is kindly lending me the tobacco burst jazz bass to play with Jonny V and the gang at the weekend, because it is a lot more reliable than the Westone Pantera bass (which basically has one tone nowadays, and sounds like the bass from the Fall’s I am Curious Orange), and is generally a much better instrument for a wedding gig! After a lot of Zadok rehearsals and recent supergroup action, Al’s strings were flat as a pancake like. So I put them in a big pan of water with a good splash of vinegar in it and boiled the knackers off them for about ten minutes. It’s a short term treble boost, which you should only do if you’re too tight to buy a new set of nickels.  Rinse them and make sure they’re dry before you put them back on, and definitely don’t tell anyone as they’ll know you’re broke. Certainly don’t say anything on the internet. CM



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