Wedding band crack. Lyric thoughts. Zadok Live.

Last night was a good un in the end! Unfortunately due to the practicalities of getting a lift back to Leeds to connect with my train home, I found myself killing nearly six hours in Leeds town centre. In fact this wasn’t so wounding time and boredom-wise. I’m currently at the end of a two hour wirelessly enabled coffeeshop stint (first ever like). If I wasn’t carrying the ultra bass I would have gone paintballing or something.  Next stop, city library to see if they’ve a copy of Walter Piston! Zadok are working well writing wise, as a tight unit, and we’s putting the full fat back into the milk. The unveilment of Al’s hard-hitting poetical penmanship has added another dimension to the process. This of course means I must raise my game lyrically to plunder the very depths of horse-based electrical sport and intrigue on the album after the one coming up next, ok? Here’s a further sample from the forthcoming concept album, The Equestrian Wall of Death. Likely to be completed 2012-15.

“Your robot is a stake in a wider race. This robot is your body/ A holding pattern for stubborn nucleotides/But also more: One scavenged shard of a sliced and scattered trading card.

I know a stitchup when I see it, and this is a stitchup. It’s a sawn-off short of a stickup. This sifting bridge, a turn of phrase : Two contenders coexist/well conditioned Ancient Beacons. A lunatic line of best fit. A sticky, fixed wicket – which fin to wave? ”

ZADOK LIVE! 7th October, Durham – at The Fish Tank of all places! Check out the FB for more details. BYE! CM


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