This is Sinbad Crelm accompanied by Derrick Bostrom

Sinbad Crelm is a fictitious character created by Chris Minnis for the enjoyment of Peter Wright and Jonny Britton. He is shown here, accompanied by Minnis' cat Derrick Bostrom.This be Sinbad Crelm. He says ‘Help me fight the shoes, Julie”, and is a contemporary of Mr Pin. This is a find, a real lost gem from my late teens which were characterised by a lot of characters like this. Here he is accompanied by the intrepid explorer, Derrick Bostrom cat. Later, I became more interesting, I think. For instance, I kind of invented skiffle-core (purposefully never recording this sound just in case it caught on) and also painted the excellent “Blamencan Scrub Fish accompanied by 6 x Aqua worm”. So you see, if you try really hard you can do things that will last way beyond your own human existence. The only problem is that however good you think you are at something, blu-tac always dries and pulls the paint and plaster off your walls. Do your best, scrub fish fans. Look after your ears too, they’re pretty complicated and nature never bargained for fuzz bass. CM…

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