Bach’s arco Pitcairn



Halloween was massive thanks to Empty Shop Crew. Go and see one of their things please. We zombied up and headed out en masse, then watched D.O.T.D in a shopping centre, amongst many other things at Zombiepalooza. Al’s outfit was incredible but I was rocking some good fake wounds too, and visited a photo booth for posterity. The reason I hastily sewed the legend ‘Bach’s Arco Pitcairn’ on my found-sounds suit jacket is because of this guy:
Minnis' blog celebrates Bach's arco Pitcairn, whatever that is. Here’s my completely misguided jacket lettering, before I put it on the jacket using thread first, then glue.

Glue is faster:


Bach's Arco Pitcairn - what is it?

Why do I make myself late for stuff with things like this? CM



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