New Tape Deck

Worn but servicable heads from the Sony TC 535 Abbs got me

Abbs sama was kind and brought me a special old box. All I had to give him was several bags of firewood that I had accrued through loft missions and sawing up the Christmas tree at last. All the needles were still on until I started hacking away. This is a Sony TC 535 three head reel to reel. A relic that will lend itself to a certain feeling I think. Three heads means I can route left channel one way while I record onto the right channel. Hence: sound on sound recording, real varispeed, etc. However, it didn’t keep on working for long, though the lights still light when I power up. Anyone know a little about maintaining these things? I daresay I can get it fixed given time and a lot of swearing. But I could do with some help!

Dials still light up but the reels won't turn. It made a noise for ten minutes. TC 535

Here’s the thing itself. It came with some great reels of tape, including Brahms no.1 in C minor and After the Gold Rush. More on this if anything happens. Zadok live coming soon. CM

Sony tc 535 with book atop Ben's old Clavinova

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