Crunchy Cheesewind

I don’t normally follow recipes very closely so don’t follow this one too closely. All I’ll say is, let the kale get good and crispy and use a good strong cheddar or there’s no point. You can cook, just stop mucking about, it’s easy if you don’t take yourself too seriously.

2 big potatoes. Or Loads if you want. Diced.
A good handful of curly leaf kale. Or hods. Washed.
Butter. ABout 2/3 of a matchbox sized clod. Or more.
Oil of some sort so the butter doesn’t burn.
Sea salt if you have it. And ground black pepper.

Parboil the spud for a bit. Experiment. Firm but accepting of a light fork poke. Definitely not mush or anywhere near.

While you’re doing this, heat the butter with a bit of oil and then fry the onions until they’re just about soft. Put in a fair bit of pepper and poke it about with a wooden spoon so it looks like you know what you’re doing.

Then drain the potatoes and shake them about in the pan. Rough them up a bit so they’ll talk later. Chuck them in with the onions and add a bit extra oil if you need. Add some more salt and pepper according to your arteries.

Put the kale in and then just wang it all around the pan for a bit.  Put a lid over it if you want and leave it for a bit. Just keep frying the knackers off it until the kale goes all crispy seaweed. Then turn off the heat, grate a load of strong cheddar into it, wang it round the pan again, hoy it all on a warm plate or two warm plates if you’ve got a friend. Put some ketchup next to the pile of food. Serve straight away with a nice glass of Vimto.

If in doubt:

Until next time. CM

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