Tone Quest part One. New pickups.

This guitar sounds great in the house. Up loud, though, it always had a thin surfy tone that turned to squeal when pushed.
With great tone comes great responsibility. Thanks, John.

SD SH1(RP) and Pearly Gates. Billed as warmer pickups, a bit hotter than your old vintage style. In any case much stronger than the Dragster pickups the guitar came with.

Jaguar HH taken apart a bit to fit seymour duncans

New SH1 and PG on jag HH
I know almost nothing about electronics and got these installed no bother, on a basic level. There’s some hum to different degree depending on where the volume pot is now. Something not grounded right? As far as I can see this thing is wired right, so it might be my poor soldering or bad shielding, or both. Or lots of other things I haven’t thought of. Will advise.

I found a few resources on the way that might be of use:

Jaguar HH Hum:
More Jag wiring schematics: and

Anyone done this and have advice? Anyway it’s got some bottom end now. The Pearly Gates is a lot more toppy than I thought. Good lead tone, or at least better than my old one. The SH1 is full and sounds quite big through Dunc’s little Fender. Excellent crack. CM

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One thought on “Tone Quest part One. New pickups.

  1. John Webb says:

    Soooo glad these worked for you man! May your feedback never exceed your signal-to-noise ratio. Or something.

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