Old Summer/New summer

Mad to think this was nearly five years ago. Just playing the unfinished symphony Rosalia at Hampton Court. I think we got cider in milk cartons after this. I recall lending Rodney Branigan a pick and when he gave it back it was half the size and smelled a little bit melted.  The red SG is tuned CGDAEG I think, tuning fans. Started over completely in normal tuning, just prior to founding Zadok with Alexander Roberts. Al is the iron horse, he has the best recall and endurance I know. Between us we can make a good stand on the stage. Later, Francis Morgan and Peter Devlin – the golden voice – joined the band. We made an EP called Unit of Judo last year and have played some great shows. Now we are in the thick of an endless, intense process of completing our magnum opus, which will probably not kill us. When you are in the thick of it it’s much harder to see waypoints . You just have to keep going. CM

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