Incontestable Festival?

Floating Fixtures (that’s us, literal fans) state openly ‘I am collectable – useless”. “It’s cricket”, “It’s not cricket”, “I have a photographic memory”, “I don’t have a photographic memory.” Yet, hand over fist we’ll dig deep to shadily play at Incontestable Festival. Nowadays part of me thinks post-grunge explosion but really, I know we’re talking about hypersimulation, the tesseract. We grew these strange polarising matrices that warp the weave of our ambition. Once whatever it is has you, the switch is flicked as soon as you’re part of a generation stuck at the search box, toting a new kind of social memory. The analogy we’ll work today is a change from Inspiration DC to an alternating current. So do let’s imagine. Standing at the search bar taking a photograph of itself every five seconds is a multi-limbed creature (that’s us, literal fans); you see how it is wasting a lot of time. It is flip-flopping between a cool post-fonz lifejacket and manic subjective fear. “I have done enough”, “I haven’t done enough”, “I am good enough at something”, “I don’t have a photographic memory.” Did you notice? We’ve imagined inspiration as electricity and taken a leap of understanding. “Saltation Process”. Direct to Alternate. Now we have a frequency, measurable in the aftermath of “Saltation Process.” Multiple limbs take a snapshot every five seconds. A stack of photographs: Stop-Motion Allegro! Note opportunities for aliasing. Every day is dress up day when the quickest hand on the tiller wins at the search box.

A dressing down. Consider processes and interactions philosophically separate from the robot, which is telling itself it is psychically separate from the code, which we can think of as the Logos. Tell me you haven’t thought this, maybe in different words? Word backwards and break away. Logos. DNA. Robot. Processes and interactions at the search bar. Quickest hand on the tiller. Dress up day. Aliases. Aliasing. Toward understanding techno-social aliasing. Making Music, Consuming Technology. Multilimbed, Stop Motion Allegro GT. A sort of Saltation, a leap across biospace, if you like. AC/DC, pole to pole. Takes off the lifejacket “I have done enough.” “I don’t have a photographic memory.” Weave running back onto the spool. Copies upon copies rushing back inside each other as Russian dolls. “It’s Cricket”, “It’s not Cricket.” “I don’t have a photographic memory”. A nutshell: the meaning of Incontestable Festival. “I can remember how dial-up felt.” “I can’t remember, I can’t remember how dial-up felt.” Incontestable festival. CM

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