Studio hijinx. Valve attenuators and French Caterpillar.

Greetings, baby blue jazz bass fans. Last weekend Benroy ‘K’ and I converged on Leeds for a musical adventure under the watchful microphones of my old shipmate Pete. The first day was a fourteen hour drums and guitar marathon, and that was after everything was set up. We did some powerful sci-fi krautprog with added ‘train beat’. Thanks to Chris Lloyd for his vastly important harmonic help too and to Seb for his impeccable musicality and short-term memory. A little more to do on these but a miniature epic is in the pipe from this session, music fans. Meanwhile Franko has has left  Zadok in good spirits – he just needed to get himself home and watch the Fringe. There’s still a lot to do, but then there always is. Stay tuned, exhausting magnum opus fans.

Best guitar rig: looks dusty, sounds like hot engine room turbine. The little box on top is a speaker attentuator. We could rag the valves nice and hot and get a mighty sound without actually having to stand in a different building to the amp in order to survive.

musicman valve head powering the guitar tracks on Dial m for Minnis volume one

Funroy. Ben studies the voluminous and invisible charts.

krautprog adventures tire a man out.

Thanks for listening. CM

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