The Pies

Poor pastry skills masterclass

I was outside a shop and saw a huge sweet potato on the ground, on sale. I took it up and walked in, asking ‘how much is this, please?’ and was told it was £1.90. I  said ‘no thank you, I do not have enough money’. But I did have enough money. My legs were tired after walking rather a long way and I wasn’t certain I hadn’t picked up some special rare vegetable. My compatriot thought I was embarrassed and offered to pay. I was forced by confused civility to recant, and so I came by this huge sweet potato anyway.

In the low winter sun on the way home I thought about the best thing to do. When I got home, I drank one can of beer and made these pies. Rustic spelt pastry style.

This is the look on Derrick Bostrom’s face right after I got the pies out of the oven. CM

Derrick Bostrom looking regal after the yam pies came out the oven awry

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