Cultural/technological tesseract? Or what?

Times are long and memory short, gasp in big gulps. Tear ’em into your lungs ! Oxygen ! Particles! You’re running through a dense molecular sea – flying as above, so you know, off you go, ‘as above – so below’. The same applies here. You’re creating music? That’s great. You’re consuming technology. It’s the same thing.

The traditional boundaries between musician and crowd are played with, before that discourse becomes the form itself… The lines on the playing field become a cultural/technological tesseract. Crowd sourced text content, imagery, and sounds are raw materials poured into the game and rearranged.

Then storytelling voice appears in that void. Keys and guitar take the two ends of the spectrum and hold their drones with a little gravy. Pastoral Animals bass, ride kit and organ drops right into the middle of the spectrum as the first chapter is told. There is a basic drone that continues from the keyboard but the keys and guitar mainly accent key lines of the tale.

Must work together to bypass/reconsider existing relationship with suppliers and experts. Sublimate tensions toward an authentic approach to consuming technologies. Also INTRA-Discipline. Hence, Recombinations of obsolete units – usefulness beyond nostalgia. Toward realised sci fi Intergalactic Rail Band. increasingly sophisticated robot proxies. Now, immersement. Blurring of boundaries between cultural consumption and creation.

If you don’t unhook it it’s gwan snap off.

Man on a wheel - photographed from Harmsworth

This book is recommended. And this song. New music coming soon, music fans. CM

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