Minor dermal injuries. Farewell, boots. The Jaguar rewired.

Today I spent the day rewiring the Japanese Jaguar. I think I beat the buzz, at last. I pulled out the wacky 3 x 2 way pickup switch and lead circuit. I just put in a 3 way switch. It’s now a really fierce-sounding beast with a sweet coil tap and weird out-of-phase sound, because of the reversed polarity of the bridge pup I reckon (SH1 RP). NOTE:  If you’re ever working with that sticky backed cavity grounding stuff, be really careful as you smooth it down – that stuff can lay your fingertips open.

Rewiring Jaguar HH with humbuckers, three way switch, coil tap.

Finally some tone that isn’t immediately worrying. Coil tapped through acoustic sim, with a bit of space around it,  it sounds remarkably like a plugged-in acoustic. Out of phase big grungy clean tone will cut through the mix. And when you rag the fuzz you can still hear individual tones in the chord. All it cost me was half a day and a lot of tiny cuts and burns!

Jaguar HH grounding

In other news, farewell to my boots of 5 (?) years. Thanks boots, it’s been a great journey. Goodbye then. Since I bought these, UK-made DMs have nearly doubled in price ! Worth it like.

UK DM soles finally worn out


Watch what you’re doing. CM


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2 thoughts on “Minor dermal injuries. Farewell, boots. The Jaguar rewired.

  1. Ariel Olea says:

    Hello, I stumbled across your page in search for answers. I have this same guitar but always had a hum issue with it. Do you have a diagram on how you grounded your guitar to remove that hum completly?


    • Minnis says:

      Hi Ariel,
      I grounded the bridge directly to the ground wire on the jack and that stopped it.
      However, there is different advice around about doing this, and I would advise investigating further before any wiring up! be safe !

      Best wishes

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