How to perform ‘The Warden’s Wife’

Being, a thought experiment in two parts.


The Warden’s wife (Summary, almost – the opposite of an overture, like)

Print was very small ( summon or introduce the phrase/phase )

Squinting, they pressed on ( invocation of heroism/doggedness )

Module hurdlers, all  ( something tying into the theme of modular logic )

Greetings, Balladeers – Meet Pen.  (A greeting )

Here’s a Quill to scratch your name  ( an offer )

“Underwriters”  ( something that stands in the way of modular logic )

Gatekeepers bested in this scenario:

1) Alexandria burn legacy: getting the presses going again: Perhaps tied into/backdropped with Plato banishing the artist, The abandonment of purism for futurism.
2) Those initially against radio.

Professional or aspiring module hurdlers should note that ‘The Warden’s Wife’ is a song I have been trying to realise for over 5 years now. I’m no closer, but I was really, really close already. Just press on, stop reading your own palm. Just press on. CM

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