The Van Saar gang.

15 or so years ago I was super interested in painting tiny miniatures and playing David Rodoy at Games Workshop’s awesome tabletop skirmish game Necromunda. I also captained a 3000 point Ork army in 40k, with captured Blood Axe Leman Russ tank (you weren’t allowed to use the targeter though, remember?).

van saar, painted, blue, for sale

Chris Minnis’ Van Saar gang. Blade’s Turbo Nutters. heavy not included.


I deemed this chapter worth documenting. Here are Blade’s Turbo Nutters. I have the roster sheet for these guys somewhere – they did pretty well. But, I was never willing enough to risk the hide of my high ranking gangers in order to gain them loads of XP. I played too safe and in the end DR’s Spyrers or Escher gangs would just get too powerful! I was the arbitrator and published an irregular campaign update, my first self-published work. Then I swapped the Orks for a game boy and games, including Zelda. Later I got into a band and took a different path.

If this doesn’t invoke old painty feelings I don’t know what will. Here are a couple of closeups.

van saar rookie

A young ‘un from the Van Saar gang


And one more…. Cloesup of Axl Blade, Van Saar leader, with melta gun and chainsword.

necromunda, blue van saar , melta gun , leader

He beat up a few miniatures in his time like.

Anyone else paint their VS gang blue? Or was it just me? CM


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