Currently tracking tracks for the LIDO EP and everything is cool. We’re in Switzerland. No wait, we’re in Gateshead at the excellent facility that is Ginger Music Company.  It’s going swimmingly well with fully rebuilt and rewired studio and some lovely vintage mics and drum kits in the mix. That kit is Ben’s Hayden, 1967 I think. He drove it up from London with 4 snares. Double hi hats of course. 18″ on the right! This is Ben Handysides and Al Roberts playing the rhythm section parts for a tune called FACES, IN THE CROWD. The only song in a clutch of instrumentals, with lyrics by Al (from the AGITATED MOLECULE SAGA, you know the one). Dee Dowling is at the bridge, making everything go. Great coffee too, like really great. 

Al Roberts, Ben Handysides and Dee Dowling track SAgan Megadrive tapes

This is Fiona Tobin and Hannah Reynolds shortly after tracking 8 layers of vocals, arranged by Hannah. Thanks guys! Proper. Also top thanks to Eddie Bellis for playing sterling trombone on THE QUEST FOR COAL and DOOM CHEAT TO DISSEMBLE AND SMOKE BERSERK PACK pts I-III. 

Fiona Tobin and Hannah Reynolds sing excellent things on Sagan Megadrive's "Faces, In the Crowd"

So, Al and Ben hammer out the guts. Fiona and Hannah sing wonderful musics, forming the bones. Dee has the wheel – and watches the horizon for mind-sharks. It’s coming soon. CM 


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    Top crack from Minnis’ blog over here! Our own perspective coming soon. Looking to record? Come and check out the revamped studio – it’s AWESOME!

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