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Super 8 attack

I’ve always been quietly good at cat photography. Lo, here is that skill in tandem with a gaffer taped super 8 lens on a basic digital camera . Lo. 



Bee Eater

Another interessant scan from the Harmsworth

Another interessant scan from the Harmsworth

Watch out for a new programme on featuring some brand new music with local geniuses in collaboration. Otherwise keep on chooglin’.  CM

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Derrick Bostrom (no relation) is kicking off because of all the dust. But it will settle. Studio B has halved in size and has no fittings. Somehow it is still all working though.

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Have a good un.

Here’s Derrick Bostrom wishing you a productive new year with his big wide face. It’s winter so keep your hands and wrists warm if you’re working somewhere, instrument fans! Very best wishes, seasonal enjoyment fans. New tapes in 2013, a new start, sonic meadows, etc. Take care out there ! CM

Derrick Bostrom

“The Compere’s determined a suitable donor be found! Motion Capture cut and paste ascendancy. Video Catastrophe eventually”.


Michio, Lava Beast, Thousands of miles ago.

Here’s a photograph from a few days ago, I’m not sure what it is.
an image of some kind of lava beast
Here’s Derrick Bostrom on a day off.
Derrick Bostrom is reaching out for new vistas.
This is a Gateshead sky.
Just a good old photo of the sky like.

Here’s something Van Rezner showed me yesterday. It reminds me of Yahoo mail in a library thousands of miles ago. Thanks ! CM

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This is Sinbad Crelm accompanied by Derrick Bostrom

Sinbad Crelm is a fictitious character created by Chris Minnis for the enjoyment of Peter Wright and Jonny Britton. He is shown here, accompanied by Minnis' cat Derrick Bostrom.This be Sinbad Crelm. He says ‘Help me fight the shoes, Julie”, and is a contemporary of Mr Pin. This is a find, a real lost gem from my late teens which were characterised by a lot of characters like this. Here he is accompanied by the intrepid explorer, Derrick Bostrom cat. Later, I became more interesting, I think. For instance, I kind of invented skiffle-core (purposefully never recording this sound just in case it caught on) and also painted the excellent “Blamencan Scrub Fish accompanied by 6 x Aqua worm”. So you see, if you try really hard you can do things that will last way beyond your own human existence. The only problem is that however good you think you are at something, blu-tac always dries and pulls the paint and plaster off your walls. Do your best, scrub fish fans. Look after your ears too, they’re pretty complicated and nature never bargained for fuzz bass. CM…

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Derrick Bostrom Continued

Alright? this is Derrick Bostrom. He’s class. Recently another cat adopted us. His name was Alan. He and Dezza Bozza didn’t get on so Alan had to kip out in the back yard. But he was alright, even though there was some local mog patrols marvelling at Bozza being away awhile (locked him out of the back just to save the battles). No one came for the Alan cat but we found a safe place for him over on the other side of town.

Derrick Bostrom, Cat, Fuzz box, box foxHere’s Bostrom hanging out in some working gloves. He’s doing alright like.
Derrick Bostrom making on like he's in human form
That’s all for now folks. All is well in the camp. The mighty Bostro, AKA Fuzz box, Box Fox, Two Step, Chip face, etc, has reclaimed his land and will beat down trespassing cats with gentle but fair and NON REFUNDABLE intensity. So don’t be sending over your cats unless they have the will to power and that. New tapes soon! Here’s Bill Gluon.

Bill Gluon, and irrepressible way to eat sild


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More Battle Creatures

Some people say I don’t put up enough pictures of pigeons on this blog. Well, you’re wrong. I snapped this guy a little while ago in a pretty knackered building in Gateshead. He looks like he’s been sentry awhile eh?

A pigeon sitting in a sentry post type place on Old Durham Road, Gateshead.My neighbour told me that once they had so many pigeons in their attic that they removed several bin bags worth of droppings on cleaning it out. They’re canny ratty. But then again, when you see them walking, they’ve got their groove on.

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Dezza Bozza

I don’t want to be that guy. But Ben asked for some more pictures of the ‘rom. Here you go. He’s in total chestbeating He-man mode. Tough guy huh?

Derrick Bostrom the Cat. He's like he man, the prince of the cats.

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Zadok are, as you know, fully reformed and back in the saddle: Plus, more Derrick Bostrom cat.

Here is a picture from Saturday night that Rav took. Thank you, Rav! We played out with Knuckle Dragger, In Casino Out, and Dragnet, down at Hyem in Heaton. It was a cracking night in fact. Big old blurty bass drum and, later, Pete Currie’s bass was really GENKin’. Scooped kind of a GENKK pick style. Everybody used the Dalek bass rig with the Haartke on top. It was loud. There was also fuzz keyboard from Pete Devlin sama earlier on, plus all the classic togs,  and kryptonite wanglings you might expect at a Z concert. Al and Franko held the fort supreme. Me and Pete either side wriggling around the changes.  The best thing was when I found a tap that gave me free Pepsi. I drank .8 litres, or approximately 1 and a half pints. Franko had some too. I had no floor tuner so I taped the little boss tuner to the lead, and everytime my guitar went sharp because of the cold I looked like I was setting an alarm clock on my phone and that. Come on, Have you seen my phone! It’s a 3310 with no power adaptor – apologies if I haven’t gotten back to you in a couple of weeks.  Thanks for coming out – Zadok Blog is here. We’ll be making new tapes in the warmer months coming. In the meantime here’s an almost impossible-to-play game involving morse code – taken from the Equestrian Wall of Death blog (central repository for the making of the Zadok EP of that name – coming this summer!!! At least in live form, if I can just get the dots out of the noggin). BH kindly transcribed the morse for me but haven’t uploaded yet.

zadok live. pic by Rav Moussavi

In other news, Kwarme was asking me for some more shots of Dozza Bozza (as Al has taken to calling him sometimes). Well, I can report that he’s doing well. Although I don’t think cats are that specific when it comes to tapes, he responds well to Swati Natekar, who sometimes is just like Gong. Doesn’t seem to like Tad. Mainly, he’s enjoying the great outdoors and hassling next door’s rabbits in the back yard. Can climb well and is a good jumper. Very talkative like; I’ve been working from home and hear him crawkling away quite a lot. Franko is allergic to him ! Poor soul!

derrick bostrom the cat

One more thing: Thanks to the miracle of fuzz bass, Al has been safely returned to the fold (hence the return of the Zadok). The story of his flight and return will be told in the forthcoming hit song Agitated Molecule; I swear we really are working on it’s the scoop, dots fans. All the hard bits are for Pete to play. I just work here.

agitated molecule progressive grunge-folk

That’s your whack. More on this soon.  CM

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