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Next show is on 9th May at Nerd Hutch. In the meantime, I’m mixing the LIDO EP – here’s a still from that process. Unorthodox. CM




A new music video. I wrote the music over two or three lunch breaks sometime in spring 2013. Then later on Corin spoke words into a microphone and we filmed ourselves at Tynemouth last saturday. Then I put these elements together using an electronic computer system. Enjoy! Are you a magnificent drummer who needs more progressive fibre ? Listen, there are no drums on this track.  Would be intrigued to compare notes. Bye. CM

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Studio hijinx. Valve attenuators and French Caterpillar.

Greetings, baby blue jazz bass fans. Last weekend Benroy ‘K’ and I converged on Leeds for a musical adventure under the watchful microphones of my old shipmate Pete. The first day was a fourteen hour drums and guitar marathon, and that was after everything was set up. We did some powerful sci-fi krautprog with added ‘train beat’. Thanks to Chris Lloyd for his vastly important harmonic help too and to Seb for his impeccable musicality and short-term memory. A little more to do on these but a miniature epic is in the pipe from this session, music fans. Meanwhile Franko has has left  Zadok in good spirits – he just needed to get himself home and watch the Fringe. There’s still a lot to do, but then there always is. Stay tuned, exhausting magnum opus fans.

Best guitar rig: looks dusty, sounds like hot engine room turbine. The little box on top is a speaker attentuator. We could rag the valves nice and hot and get a mighty sound without actually having to stand in a different building to the amp in order to survive.

musicman valve head powering the guitar tracks on Dial m for Minnis volume one

Funroy. Ben studies the voluminous and invisible charts.

krautprog adventures tire a man out.

Thanks for listening. CM

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Old Summer/New summer

Mad to think this was nearly five years ago. Just playing the unfinished symphony Rosalia at Hampton Court. I think we got cider in milk cartons after this. I recall lending Rodney Branigan a pick and when he gave it back it was half the size and smelled a little bit melted.  The red SG is tuned CGDAEG I think, tuning fans. Started over completely in normal tuning, just prior to founding Zadok with Alexander Roberts. Al is the iron horse, he has the best recall and endurance I know. Between us we can make a good stand on the stage. Later, Francis Morgan and Peter Devlin – the golden voice – joined the band. We made an EP called Unit of Judo last year and have played some great shows. Now we are in the thick of an endless, intense process of completing our magnum opus, which will probably not kill us. When you are in the thick of it it’s much harder to see waypoints . You just have to keep going. CM

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Peanut with Discernable face

Three years ago I was at Unity Day in Leeds. Duncan Prod had had a good scoop and we once worked together painting and decorating, when I lived there. We spoke a few moments then began wrestling. It was muddy and I had no intention of wrestling really. I was in my good suit jacket because of the concert and so deployed some basic judo, winning quickly though my opponent was fearsome. The best thing about that day, however, was when Andy G took a photo of this peanut for me. I had been carrying it in my wallet for two or three months because my camera was too weak to look closely. He had some Macro mode happening so we got on well. It was crushed but the face was clear. Who is this peanut to you?Is it the messiah? or just a peanut. You decide.

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The Berk Rig

Berk's amps down the room

Here’s a photo that Al (presumably) took of the Berk rig. Berk were probably the loudest band on the earth, backline wise. RIP Berk. There is a blog post here commemorating them. Other excellent bands to come out of the room include Moleck, The Flowers of Evil, and Mass.  More soon. CM

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Glastonbury Digesting

Chris Minnis's view of the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury 2011

My camera is fantastic. Check out this view of the Pyramid stage. Here’s Jon boy:
Jon Mitchell, the famous guitarist from Surrey. Glastonbury 2011 was another intense year with the Replay Crew. A lot to say and no time because I have to go and watch Transformers in 3D. The Mowat contingent was bolstered by the arrival of Miriam and her shampoo of destiny. There was mud, there were warm-bitter-fuelled frolics through the tented city. My good lady cooked for 20 and all was well. Upon getting home we had lots of Mange Toutes left with miraculously had not turned to the dark side, so I have set about inventing new fusion forms of potato-based cookery. Heavy. In other news, the USB record player is now pumpin’ at the studio. So shout if you want some digitised prog going on. Zadok EP is nearly ready and sounds great. We played Rock the Barn last weekend which was mint – check out the pictures on the Zadok blog if you’d care to. Next gig is next weekend at Rockin’ Horse to mark the new studio opening there! 16 July, Progressive Grunge-folk fans. Bye! CM

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Zadok Live!

progressive grunge-folk band ZADOKThanks Jazzy Lemon for the photo! Whole series here. Next gig is at The Fish Tank on April 8th – in Durham! Also gig on 26th March to be confirmed…….Check out the Zadok Blog for more recording crack as we continue the Unit of Judo tapes. CM

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Oxford Mission: Down By the Riverside

Alright! This weekend just gone me and m’lady haired down the M1 (and other roads) to Oxford, so I could play at Ben Mowat‘s famous night “Down By the Riverside”. It was canny good! With Sleeping Passengers, a great trad band called Green Children of Wolfpit, The Ben Mowat String Quintet and a lady named Susie B who sang very well. I found that doing sound for a mostly DIed string Quintet is no piece of cake! But with the trusty old M3 on the cello, I loaded the bass down and we were alright.

I played a typically freewheeling set, and gave away some action figures so they would like me. Tegin Cartwright got a good picture (thanks!):Live and savoury at the Down By the Riverside gig, the ISIS, iffley lock, oxford.

We also hung out with the fantastic Mowats of course, and took in the Ashmolean, where I saw a 600 year old Katana and some skulls. And a real Stradavari ! Class. I couldn’t figure out where it plugged in like.

Things are rocking on the Zadok front, with three gigs lined up in the next month or so, plus recording the Unit of Judo songs and Caltrops with Sam at Blank in a week or so. Class. We’re revisiting the Hyem bar next week as headliners, which should be a ‘booner’… Stick around to the end people! We’re also playing at the opening party of a Durham recording studio on Saturday night: more on this here.

Al started a rave jazz band with Pete Currie called Cowie Rat Bag. More on this later! CM

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Comin at cha.

Zadok will perform live progressive grunge-folk in newcastle and durham march and aprilBoth will be quite loud. Bring protection if like me you have been next to too many speakers. Your hearing is no joke!

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