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Just some new ideas

Hi friends

Just a few things that have been kicking around. More tapes from HEN and a new SAGAN MEGADRIVE collection coming soon! Have a nice night. C


New Hen tracks now laying!

Hello gang. Long radio silence. A lot happened! OK for now, here are two new mini albums I made with pals. More on this later. Merry Christmas folks…





Hello friends. Despite a slow end to the year due to BUSINESS , lots has been coming out of the cave this year, like this stuff:


Plus this kind of thing:

Thanks for listening and I’ll be back in the mix with new live set soon! Also, a new cassette retrospective of all the best bits of Sagan Megadrive so far coming soon, limited edition Ringworld Wire/Town cassette, and a whole new thing called INFINITE FUZZ BASS CHARIOT. All the best peeps. C


These feature lots of my favourite people! No-budget trombone-prog is here. Get the LIDO EP from Monday 13th July at the bandcamp!

More Boiling Bass Strings

Oh, look. I just saved £25 again.
saving money again by boiling bass strings

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Now Reading. Napoleon Hill.

Dee lent me “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. It’s an old classic motivational book which is actually totally buzzin, as you might say. Quote of the day:

“Man’s only limitation, within reason, lies in his development and use of his imagination. He has not yet reached the apex of his development in the use of his imaginative faculty. He has merely discovered that he has an imagination, and has commenced to use it in a very elementary way.” Chapter 6, Think and Grow Rich

It’s a good un – up there with Bret Hart’s Hitman. I also think about Zen and the art of Motorcycle maintenance at least once a day. The thing that stayed with me most was the idea of romantic and classical mindsets. I thought I was a fairly luddite romantic model for a long time, but I have since lived more and met more people that confirms that actually I am more of a classicist than previously thought. The underlying properties of things and how they work, when applied to human relations, creative situations, trying to get better at making and doing things….

I think T.A.G.R. is going to be another slow one. Zen took me about three years to get through and really get it chewed and swallowed, I don’t mind admitting. I never finished Lila, the sequel, although it had some great stuff about the native American peoples. It just wasn’t as gripping and unnerving as Zen was. Will persevere. The longest I ever spent grappling with a book was The Ecstasy of Communication (this isn’t the version/translation I read – whole Sheila Glaser translation here on Amazon). I’m a newbie to this avenue, comparitively, but Baudrillard seems to me a brilliant scholar who smoked a whole tea bag and read FAR TOO MUCH Philip K. Dick all in one go. The results are absolutely great and will give you plenty to think about for all time.

Will return to banal blog concepts soon. Bye! CM. Zadok blog here.

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Composing with morse code, piano rolls, integers, binary code, etc

Al wrote a massive poem called ‘Agitated Molecule’ which is to become the meat of Zadok‘s Agitated Molecule. Have you ever tried to set a massive poem to music without making it a load of total bollocks? It’s canny tough like. In trouble, I started casting my net around for some ways to encode words into music. One of my first discoveries was this, which is actually not directly related but is amazing in it’s own way. Look up Conlon Nancarrow, he’s interesting.

Later  I discovered another good Morse code to MP3 converter… here. Use Logic 9 to convert morse code into bass drum patterns. Then copy the midi file onto a new track, and trigger a midi bass guitar with it. Then figure out what you want the harmony to do and move the bass notes into place. Jon bought me one of these: A self-writable music box shown as part of my blog post about binary, morse, integer and other proggy music vibes. which is going to show up soon. Thanks Jon! He also introduced me to bone picks from Dugain. Bone picks sound best as far as I can tell. If you get stuck just go down a gauge and get a bone plectrum. Then you can figure out what the heck’s going on. Take a half day if you can. I also saw this paper on using binary in composition – dry but good. If you’re keen, check out this page about integers and if you’re any the wiser, tell me. I can’t suss it out up to now. But there must be a method to riff out of them. Bye! CM

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Derrick Bostrom Continued

Alright? this is Derrick Bostrom. He’s class. Recently another cat adopted us. His name was Alan. He and Dezza Bozza didn’t get on so Alan had to kip out in the back yard. But he was alright, even though there was some local mog patrols marvelling at Bozza being away awhile (locked him out of the back just to save the battles). No one came for the Alan cat but we found a safe place for him over on the other side of town.

Derrick Bostrom, Cat, Fuzz box, box foxHere’s Bostrom hanging out in some working gloves. He’s doing alright like.
Derrick Bostrom making on like he's in human form
That’s all for now folks. All is well in the camp. The mighty Bostro, AKA Fuzz box, Box Fox, Two Step, Chip face, etc, has reclaimed his land and will beat down trespassing cats with gentle but fair and NON REFUNDABLE intensity. So don’t be sending over your cats unless they have the will to power and that. New tapes soon! Here’s Bill Gluon.

Bill Gluon, and irrepressible way to eat sild


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