Fame at last! New tapes coming soon. New everything coming soon.


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Tape Artwork is about done, finally!

Christopher Minnis is making tapes. Prog tapes.

It’s true to say that it has taken a long time to make the contents of my forthcoming ‘RINGWORLD WIRE’ cassette, limited to 50! But it is a great tape, so you were right to wait. Coming soon!

The LIDO EP is sounding excellent, and I have started putting together the follow up, now with added electric piano 2! Old tapes on the bandcamp.

Thanks for listening. C

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IT IS NEARLY TIME FOR more MUSIC VIDEOS. Featuring some local geniuses MASKED in the MASKS. And genuine County Durham foliage
Coming soon: 

here’s an astonishingly prime setup in a nearby garageDIY music video quest here’s JT in the woods playing the LIDO drums. IMG_4650

here are some fake amps made out of cardboard and poster paint, in my kitchen. IMG_4630 Here’s the last one we made:

SAGAN MEGA DRIVE: Ivory Rib Upgrade from Chris Minnis on Vimeo.


Convoluted mineral-space-jazz time.

Some nice sonic adventures here, with Paul Taylor playing wonderful electric piano as usual. Corin is speaking about Rocks and other things. Now with added slap bass!




Acoustic attack formations – first show since Glastonbury dates. Should be mint, really varied lineup!

Super 8 attack

I’ve always been quietly good at cat photography. Lo, here is that skill in tandem with a gaffer taped super 8 lens on a basic digital camera . Lo. 


Mandala stage, Green fields….

 Most attentive audience in a whiles. I think I’m singing ‘DINOSAUR’. IMG_4101


Currently tracking tracks for the LIDO EP and everything is cool. We’re in Switzerland. No wait, we’re in Gateshead at the excellent facility that is Ginger Music Company.  It’s going swimmingly well with fully rebuilt and rewired studio and some lovely vintage mics and drum kits in the mix. That kit is Ben’s Hayden, 1967 I think. He drove it up from London with 4 snares. Double hi hats of course. 18″ on the right! This is Ben Handysides and Al Roberts playing the rhythm section parts for a tune called FACES, IN THE CROWD. The only song in a clutch of instrumentals, with lyrics by Al (from the AGITATED MOLECULE SAGA, you know the one). Dee Dowling is at the bridge, making everything go. Great coffee too, like really great. 

Al Roberts, Ben Handysides and Dee Dowling track SAgan Megadrive tapes

This is Fiona Tobin and Hannah Reynolds shortly after tracking 8 layers of vocals, arranged by Hannah. Thanks guys! Proper. Also top thanks to Eddie Bellis for playing sterling trombone on THE QUEST FOR COAL and DOOM CHEAT TO DISSEMBLE AND SMOKE BERSERK PACK pts I-III. 

Fiona Tobin and Hannah Reynolds sing excellent things on Sagan Megadrive's "Faces, In the Crowd"

So, Al and Ben hammer out the guts. Fiona and Hannah sing wonderful musics, forming the bones. Dee has the wheel – and watches the horizon for mind-sharks. It’s coming soon. CM 

NARC feature – and TOWN EP

grunge-prog, sagan megadrive, newcastle prog bandTip of the hat to Eugenie Johnson and NARC magazine for this very kind article about my tapes and projects! And thanks to David Tiernan for the photo. Ringworld Wire went to mastering today. Back in the studio to record the LIDO EP in a couple of weeks. Therefore: tapes coming soon.


This one’s been a long time in the making, featuring Pablo, Al, Jon Vipond, Pete Devlin, Pete Currie, and more local geniuses. Grunge-prog addendum. Enjoy!  Sign up here to find out about more stuff like this:


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New album !

Featuring Paul Taylor on keys and Corin on speaking. New grunge-prog EP coming soon! CM

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