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NARC feature – and TOWN EP

grunge-prog, sagan megadrive, newcastle prog bandTip of the hat to Eugenie Johnson and NARC magazine for this very kind article about my tapes and projects! And thanks to David Tiernan for the photo. Ringworld Wire went to mastering today. Back in the studio to record the LIDO EP in a couple of weeks. Therefore: tapes coming soon.


This one’s been a long time in the making, featuring Pablo, Al, Jon Vipond, Pete Devlin, Pete Currie, and more local geniuses. Grunge-prog addendum. Enjoy!  Sign up here to find out about more stuff like this: eepurl.com/VD1ZH


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=Zadok in full flow=

Viva le Zadok, pictured here in March 2012 by Bob Cooper. CM

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Wedding band crack. Lyric thoughts. Zadok Live.

Last night was a good un in the end! Unfortunately due to the practicalities of getting a lift back to Leeds to connect with my train home, I found myself killing nearly six hours in Leeds town centre. In fact this wasn’t so wounding time and boredom-wise. I’m currently at the end of a two hour wirelessly enabled coffeeshop stint (first ever like). If I wasn’t carrying the ultra bass I would have gone paintballing or something.  Next stop, city library to see if they’ve a copy of Walter Piston! Zadok are working well writing wise, as a tight unit, and we’s putting the full fat back into the milk. The unveilment of Al’s hard-hitting poetical penmanship has added another dimension to the process. This of course means I must raise my game lyrically to plunder the very depths of horse-based electrical sport and intrigue on the album after the one coming up next, ok? Here’s a further sample from the forthcoming concept album, The Equestrian Wall of Death. Likely to be completed 2012-15.

“Your robot is a stake in a wider race. This robot is your body/ A holding pattern for stubborn nucleotides/But also more: One scavenged shard of a sliced and scattered trading card.

I know a stitchup when I see it, and this is a stitchup. It’s a sawn-off short of a stickup. This sifting bridge, a turn of phrase : Two contenders coexist/well conditioned Ancient Beacons. A lunatic line of best fit. A sticky, fixed wicket – which fin to wave? ”

ZADOK LIVE! 7th October, Durham – at The Fish Tank of all places! Check out the FB for more details. BYE! CM


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Glastonbury Digesting

Chris Minnis's view of the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury 2011

My camera is fantastic. Check out this view of the Pyramid stage. Here’s Jon boy:
Jon Mitchell, the famous guitarist from Surrey. Glastonbury 2011 was another intense year with the Replay Crew. A lot to say and no time because I have to go and watch Transformers in 3D. The Mowat contingent was bolstered by the arrival of Miriam and her shampoo of destiny. There was mud, there were warm-bitter-fuelled frolics through the tented city. My good lady cooked for 20 and all was well. Upon getting home we had lots of Mange Toutes left with miraculously had not turned to the dark side, so I have set about inventing new fusion forms of potato-based cookery. Heavy. In other news, the USB record player is now pumpin’ at the studio. So shout if you want some digitised prog going on. Zadok EP is nearly ready and sounds great. We played Rock the Barn last weekend which was mint – check out the pictures on the Zadok blog if you’d care to. Next gig is next weekend at Rockin’ Horse to mark the new studio opening there! 16 July, Progressive Grunge-folk fans. Bye! CM

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Guitar day at Blank

Here’s an inexplicably leg based shot taken by Peter Devlin at Blank as we were taping the Zadok tapes, and another one from guitar day. Last night was a fine gig at the Three Tuns. things are rolling well for the Zadok band as long as we don’t get all inflate-headed and so forth. The chances of this are fairly limited but appreciable! There are live tracks from a gig from a couple of weeks ago here.  Chris Minnis' legs as he lays down guide tracks for the Zadok EP at Blank Studios

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Zadok Live!

progressive grunge-folk band ZADOKThanks Jazzy Lemon for the photo! Whole series here. Next gig is at The Fish Tank on April 8th – in Durham! Also gig on 26th March to be confirmed…….Check out the Zadok Blog for more recording crack as we continue the Unit of Judo tapes. CM

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Comin at cha.

Zadok will perform live progressive grunge-folk in newcastle and durham march and aprilBoth will be quite loud. Bring protection if like me you have been next to too many speakers. Your hearing is no joke!

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Zadok reconstituted, reformed, back in the saddle etc

Merry Christmas folks! Contrary to whatever the Myspace robot is saying, Zadok are not done. We’re back together with a vengeance, since Al returned from Londoninium full of the fuzz. London is this format was a degraded enzyme: the waldo alter was unable to latch onto the protein chain straightaway. Toll taken, lessons learned, the lion heart undimmed. Just needs shining up with a bit of brasso.  In any case it’s ON. Next gig is a full force progressive grunge-folk electricity gig in Hyem bar on Saturday the 15th of January. We’re opening up for Knuckle Dragger – there’s a very small chunk of info and a video here, though I’m not usually willing to link in that direction!

Zadok blog is here. See you soon! CM

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