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Tape Artwork is about done, finally!

Christopher Minnis is making tapes. Prog tapes.

It’s true to say that it has taken a long time to make the contents of my forthcoming ‘RINGWORLD WIRE’ cassette, limited to 50! But it is a great tape, so you were right to wait. Coming soon!

The LIDO EP is sounding excellent, and I have started putting together the follow up, now with added electric piano 2! Old tapes on the bandcamp.

Thanks for listening. C

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Drain Hole, and new Zadok tapes.

Remember, progressive Grunge-folk fans – Zadok are counting down to the recording of new tapes in a high quality stylee….zadok.wordpress.com

Also, here is a portal to another land, in my back yard.CM

Drain hole by Chris Minnis

Drain Hole.

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